Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joan's Musings
Wednesday evening. I don't feel like I accomplished much today. JD went to FC and purchased a cam corder (I think that is what you call it). He will now be able to visit with his little granddaughter Dancy. I posted a couple pictures on the Quilting Arts Forum, I will post more here soon.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Joan's Musings

Tuesday May, 19th. This has been a productive day, even though it hasn't been my favorite product! Cards for graduates, Family Birthday Cards, Memberships i n NQA, AAQ, and IQA. This is something I have been meaning to do for sometime. Made and appointment to have two of my quilts photographed on the 28th of May in Louisville. I have filled out a couple of entry forms, one for the DesMoine show, two for RMCQ Calendar, one for Alliance of american Quilts "Crazy For Quilts"

I am enjoying my newly dyed fabric that I completed in Jo Smith, Dyesmithy's class on the 12th.

I completed several of the lessons in the Art Quilt Book and used them in my "Crazy For Quilts" entry, I will post pictures eventually.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joan's Musings

Wednesday evening already, I have had a busy week, Monday GV Quilters, evening RMCQ, Tuesday, a class with Dyesmithy in Fort Collins, today was Mtn Gals Spring Tea but I decided not to go, I did accomplish much here at home, stirred up a batch of Refrig Potato bread, a batch of molasas cookies, ironed pieces that have been hanging, waiting for quite some time, ironed a few pieces of the fabric I dyed in the class. I took my Delta Dawn for show and tell on Monday and Tuesday, it got a lot of attention. Tomorrow is bridge, and Friday we meet Sharon & Ken in FC to go to the movie "Angels & Demons", and then out for dinner, we are going to try "Sonny Lubicks Steak House" in downtown FC.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A very wet sunday morning, it rained slowly on and off all night and doing the same this morning, actually, it is right now a little mix of snow & rain. Wonderful moisture so we won't have to worry about forest fires this summer.

JD and I went to Loveland yesterday, we had a few errand, I have picked out some fabrics for LR curtains, brought home many samples (1/2 yd pieces) , it is so hard do decide. We had lunch at the "Fish & Chips" new cafe in FC, and were home in time for dinner, just pizza.

I went to my small group Quilters meeting Friday a.m., showed Delta Dawn and my block using the blue Elmers glue as a resist, I will post a picture of it later. I also turned in my "Green Block".
Joan's Musings

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joan's Musings

Delta Dawn, Finally!

Joan's Musings
Joan's Musings

I will post a picture of Delta Dawn tomorrow. Just a sleeve and name tag left.

Don's came and did a template for the counter top today.

I quilted my "green block" today, I will finish the edge tomorrow and post a picture of it, I will be 'taking it to the group meeting Friday. I will need to start on my Elmers Glue resist block tomorrow as well, that needs to be finished by Friday.

JD sawed off the broken branches (the result of the 3' snow), and loaded them into the trailer.

It is late and I must get ready for bed.