Friday, December 18, 2009

Joan's Musings

This bag was made from  the pattern "Bosa Nova Bags", designed by Shelly Stokes for Cedar Canyon Textiles.  One of the bags I have made for the group Art Quilters, bag of the month challenge.

Joan's Musingss

I made a couple of these aprons for gifts.

Joan's Musings

A little slow on updating my blog. Here it is only a week until Christmas. I do have all my packages and cards mailed. I mailed the packages on the 10th, if I remember correctly. I miss my family so much during these holidays.

We arrived in Tucson on the 14th of November, 09, we left home on the 11th, a day or two earlier than planned due to the weather forecast. We fortunately had an uneventful trip. We try to stop before dark,so it takes us about 2.5 days. The space we had picked out from the map at home didn't agree with us. We looked at what was available, and found a very nice one V257. It is close to all the activities. Of course I immediately got back into the quilting group. I stopped at the sewing room on Saturday the l5th, Suzie was there and told me they were just starting the Art Quilt Group the next day. It was kind of like coming home, nearly all the same ladies as were there in 2007. We meet every other week, trying a new technique each time. The Quilters 2 group meets each Monday morning, a very active group. We do a block a month, each month a different pattern, the blocks are then put together and either given to charity or used as a raffle quilt. I have made four blocks so far two with each pattern. I made a small Christmas quilt to be distributed with others to various charity organizations. I finished a bag for my Art Quilt group in Ft Collins. The machine embroidery group in FC is keeping me updated via email, and I am proceeding with the practice techniques using the book "Creative Machine Embroidery Vol.2" By: Lucille Merrell Graham.

The weather has fluctuated from the low 60's to the high 70's, the lows in the high 30's to low 50's.

I have finished a few quilting projects and have been teaching myself Fair Isle knitting using two skeins of yarn, one in each hand, a neat technique and goes quite quickly. I finished one Nordic style mitten and and working on the second.

JD is spending a lot of time golfing. We have reserved Christmas Dinner at Agave, supposedly they put out a wonderful Christmas dinner. Not like home, but the next best thing.

I will try to post a couple of pictures to my blog today.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Joan's Musings

Must write about the fall snow storm,we had 2.5 feet of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27th and 28th. We were scheduled to have bridge club at my home on Wednesday and had to cancel it due to the snow. I tried to reschedule but ran into too many snags so guess it will have to wait until we get back from AZ. The snow is always beautiful in the mountains, there was no wind and the snow just sat on the pine boughs and rocks. Today the 31st was nearly 60 degrees so much of it has melted.

We plan to leave for AZ around the 12th, it will depend a little on the weather, hopefully these fronts will come to an end for awhile.

Talked to Sally today, Melissa is feeling better, they (she & Jessica) are getting ready to go to Jackson Hole tomorrow, Jess has a music festival and Sally is going as one of the parents.

I have spent the day, practicing the Fair Isle knitting technique where you knit with a ball of yarn in each the right and left hand and using both hands to manipulate the stitches. I always feel like I have wasted the day when I do something like that, but I learned how to do it and now it will take some practice to master it. Once learned, it will always be a resource.

A little more knitting and then off to bed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Joan's Musings
Joan's Musings

I am on the finish line on "Asian Wedding", it has been difficult, I think I know why. It is a winter scene and I used a yellow/gold background for the couple, I removed the top portion wanting to replace it with an aqua blue in the value of the woman's dress. I dyed silk, I painted, I bought more fabric, nothing looked good, and then I realized I was trying to put a cool color on the top portion and it just would not meld with the warm yellow background. Anyway I ended up finding a piece of the yellow background fabric and that seemed to look better than anything else I tried.

I received a $50.00 gift certificate from my daughter Tammy for my birthday from Equilter. That is a rather dangerous place. I ended up spending $150.00, oh well, it was fun. I got several spools of thread, for some reason I have become a thread junkie, just like shoes I just keep buying more! I also ordered several pieces of lush fabric, mostly batiks.

We had 10" of snow last week, a little early for winter, but it is warming up now, and supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. I was very worried about my granddaughter Melissa, she and a couple friends had left from Casper to go to Denver right before the storm, several of the roads were closed due to the weather and I knew she would be heading back to Casper. I finally called and she had just gotten home about 10 minutes before I called, what a relief.

JD played golf today and I did a few chores around the house and spent most of the rest of the day in my sewing room. I have gotten addicted to bridge on line, so I have been playing that on a daily basis as well.

Well back up to finish "Asian Wedding".

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joan's Musings My how time does fly, October already! At the same time even though several weeks have passed since my last post, it is wonderful that life is so full.

Delta Dawn is in DesMoines, Iowa at the AQS show, she was sent off on the 29th of September UPS, it cost nearly an arm and a leg, $36.00 for 2nd day air, and an additional $15.00 for a return receipt.

I spent several days/weeks on a new piece, "Sea Squirts". It has a twofold purpose. One for an entry in "Art Meets Science" (or something like that), an entry through SAQA, and my piece for the Whispering Challenge that my AQ group in Fort Collins is doing. The quilt is now with the current AQ Whisper participant, and the registration ,and digital photos is complete and sent to SAQA for jury. I wanted to have it professionally photographed but time did not allow for that, hopefully my photos are adequate.

I am just finishing a ten week on line photography class. It has been fun, and I have learned a lot, of course I started with almost no knowledge of photography.

I gave a class to my Glacier View Sewing Group on making mittens from recycled felted sweaters yesterday.

My AQ group is doing " A Bag a Month" challenge. I made one from a recycled sweater for the October meeting, and I think I will go work on another today.

I want to get back to my "Asian Wedding" quilt, but seems to lack the inspiration, it has been waiting a long time.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joan's Musings

It has been awhile since I posted, so far a busy month. JD had two crowns put on. I spent the last few days in Denver with two granddaughters. It was a fun few days, a 6 year old Kaleigh, and 8 1/2 year old Kamryn. RMCQ put on a studio tour this month, I was only able to get to three of them. I did help as a greeter at Jo's home, it was a fun experience. I did get my "Delta Dawn" CD and application form off to AQS-Desmoines. I got back into some knitting while in Denver, making little toy fish and mice for the girls, good experience to get me back into the groove of it. I dyed a bolt of fabric today, hopefully it will become curtains in the dining living room, not sure the color will be right.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alliance for American Quilts

Joan's Musings:

I forgot to mention that I did finish the Crazy Quilt block for the Alliance ebay sale. I was pleased with it, and I will get a picture posted. The deadline was 6/1, and I did get it off on the 29th. Each member will have one vote, and there are supply prizes for the winners.

I took my quilts "Delta Dawn" and "Colorado Sunset" to Louisville on the 28Th to Kenneth Sanville, 356 Centennial Dr., Louisville, CO 80027, phone 303 666 7475, to be photographed. He will be mailing them back to me via Fed Ex, along with a CD.

June Already!

Joan's Musings I can't believe it is June already. I spent a few days in Casper, my granddaughter's graduation was wonderful and I really enjoyed spending time with her, Jessica and Sally. We had a wonderful barbecue on Sunday the 24th in the park, there were three classmates that went together. We had around one hundred people coming and going. The weather was good after a cloud burst and wind that lasted a few minutes, just long enough to get Jack wet while he was tending the grill. Graduation was at 3:00 on Monday.

Melissa has blossomed, she has lost about 30 lbs, has a new boyfriend, and looks so healthy. She was a quite disappointed about losing their first soccer game in the state playoff.

She will be in Denver today and tomorrow to go through the tests that will indicate how the new liver is doing. I am sure they will be positive because she looks so healthy.

We did receive the faucet we ordered for our new sink and countertop installation. The guys from Don's Cabinets will be here tomorrow to install. Mat will be coming on Thursday to repair the warp in the kitchen floor.

JD is planning on leaving on Friday to go to Seattle for his granddaughters 3rd birthday.

He is going to go to the lab to have a test for blood sugar, he is concerned about the numbers indicating diabetis, his Internist was concerned about this, as the numbers were slightly high after his stroke.

Tammy's birthday tomorrow 48 years.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Joan's Musings
Wednesday evening. I don't feel like I accomplished much today. JD went to FC and purchased a cam corder (I think that is what you call it). He will now be able to visit with his little granddaughter Dancy. I posted a couple pictures on the Quilting Arts Forum, I will post more here soon.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Joan's Musings

Tuesday May, 19th. This has been a productive day, even though it hasn't been my favorite product! Cards for graduates, Family Birthday Cards, Memberships i n NQA, AAQ, and IQA. This is something I have been meaning to do for sometime. Made and appointment to have two of my quilts photographed on the 28th of May in Louisville. I have filled out a couple of entry forms, one for the DesMoine show, two for RMCQ Calendar, one for Alliance of american Quilts "Crazy For Quilts"

I am enjoying my newly dyed fabric that I completed in Jo Smith, Dyesmithy's class on the 12th.

I completed several of the lessons in the Art Quilt Book and used them in my "Crazy For Quilts" entry, I will post pictures eventually.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joan's Musings

Wednesday evening already, I have had a busy week, Monday GV Quilters, evening RMCQ, Tuesday, a class with Dyesmithy in Fort Collins, today was Mtn Gals Spring Tea but I decided not to go, I did accomplish much here at home, stirred up a batch of Refrig Potato bread, a batch of molasas cookies, ironed pieces that have been hanging, waiting for quite some time, ironed a few pieces of the fabric I dyed in the class. I took my Delta Dawn for show and tell on Monday and Tuesday, it got a lot of attention. Tomorrow is bridge, and Friday we meet Sharon & Ken in FC to go to the movie "Angels & Demons", and then out for dinner, we are going to try "Sonny Lubicks Steak House" in downtown FC.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A very wet sunday morning, it rained slowly on and off all night and doing the same this morning, actually, it is right now a little mix of snow & rain. Wonderful moisture so we won't have to worry about forest fires this summer.

JD and I went to Loveland yesterday, we had a few errand, I have picked out some fabrics for LR curtains, brought home many samples (1/2 yd pieces) , it is so hard do decide. We had lunch at the "Fish & Chips" new cafe in FC, and were home in time for dinner, just pizza.

I went to my small group Quilters meeting Friday a.m., showed Delta Dawn and my block using the blue Elmers glue as a resist, I will post a picture of it later. I also turned in my "Green Block".
Joan's Musings

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Joan's Musings

Delta Dawn, Finally!

Joan's Musings
Joan's Musings

I will post a picture of Delta Dawn tomorrow. Just a sleeve and name tag left.

Don's came and did a template for the counter top today.

I quilted my "green block" today, I will finish the edge tomorrow and post a picture of it, I will be 'taking it to the group meeting Friday. I will need to start on my Elmers Glue resist block tomorrow as well, that needs to be finished by Friday.

JD sawed off the broken branches (the result of the 3' snow), and loaded them into the trailer.

It is late and I must get ready for bed.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joan's Musings

Thursday, a good day, JD and I did some shopping for new counter top. We got an estimate from Home Depot and an estimate from Don's Custom Counter in Longmont, 711 1st Ave 303 772 5874. JD wants to apply 3000.00 to the cost. We can get a stilstone top for right around $3000.00, but of course it isn't the one we like the most. To get the one we really like it will cost $1700.00 more. We are thinking about it, I'm afraid if I don't go with the one we really like we will be sorry. $4700.00 is a lot for counter tops though. We had a nice day together, came home and had ham salad sandwiches for supper.

I will be going to the Mancuso Quilt show with three ladies from Ft.Collins, Janet Pugh, Maxine Carlson, and Landreth Hamil. I'm excited about that but I need to be in FC by 8:15--ugh.

By the way the estimate from Don's will cost about $700.00 more than Home Depot.

Didn't get to work on Delta Dawn today.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Joan's Musings

A foggy Monday, and it hasn't gotten out of the 30's all day. Much news re: the Swine Flu, there are 40 cases in the US so far, no deaths related to any of the cases.

I worked on Delta Dawn for quite awhile today, I'm doing some additional thread painting, redoing areas that were not up to my satisfaction, will continue with more of the same this evening (that is if I can stay awake, I didn't sleep much at all last night).

Sally called and the soccer games for Jess and Mel in Laramie are cancelled due to weather, so will not be going to Laramie tomorrow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Joan's Musings
4/24, continue handstitching the binding, seems like I spend very little time on it, probably because this not one of my favorite parts of putting the piece together, maybe tomorrow.
Another beautiful day, out 3rd day of walking

Made a batch of refrigerator potato bread, made a pan of sweet rolls for Bunky and Nell our neighbors. Spent most of the morning in the kitchen, chocolate pie, and granola as well as the bread.

I sat out in the sun for about 20 minutes, trying to get a little color on my weary legs and arms.

Stopped in Loveland yesterday after my dental appt. for cleaning, had a hair cut (bad job). Went clothes shopping, think I'm ready for summer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Joan's Musings

April Snow 09.
Joan's Musings

I didn't get the picture posted of Delta Dawn, I decided to wait until it is finished. I did the sewing of the cording and will now attach the binding. I have a few touch up places and then I will take a picture and post it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Delta Dawn

Joan's Musings

I continue to work on "Delta Dawn", it has been a long process and I will be glad when it is finished. I cut the binding today, it is a bias binding since the bottom of the wall hanging is uneven(curved). I have made all of the surreal figures over once again and I am happy with the way they have turned out. I also worked on the sun today, it is looking good.

We are having snow, snow snow, at least 3' this evening so far, and it is supposed to continue into tomorrow. We are unable to get out, our cars are nearly buried. JD went out to try moving snow with the 4 wheeler this morning with no luck, the snow is just too deep. Denver is supposed to have 76 degrees by Wednesday, that means in the middle 60's here, hopefully most of it will melt, if not we will have to hire someone with big equipment to come plow us out.

I will post a picture of "Delta Dawn" tomorrow.