Saturday, October 31, 2009


Joan's Musings

Must write about the fall snow storm,we had 2.5 feet of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 27th and 28th. We were scheduled to have bridge club at my home on Wednesday and had to cancel it due to the snow. I tried to reschedule but ran into too many snags so guess it will have to wait until we get back from AZ. The snow is always beautiful in the mountains, there was no wind and the snow just sat on the pine boughs and rocks. Today the 31st was nearly 60 degrees so much of it has melted.

We plan to leave for AZ around the 12th, it will depend a little on the weather, hopefully these fronts will come to an end for awhile.

Talked to Sally today, Melissa is feeling better, they (she & Jessica) are getting ready to go to Jackson Hole tomorrow, Jess has a music festival and Sally is going as one of the parents.

I have spent the day, practicing the Fair Isle knitting technique where you knit with a ball of yarn in each the right and left hand and using both hands to manipulate the stitches. I always feel like I have wasted the day when I do something like that, but I learned how to do it and now it will take some practice to master it. Once learned, it will always be a resource.

A little more knitting and then off to bed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Joan's Musings
Joan's Musings

I am on the finish line on "Asian Wedding", it has been difficult, I think I know why. It is a winter scene and I used a yellow/gold background for the couple, I removed the top portion wanting to replace it with an aqua blue in the value of the woman's dress. I dyed silk, I painted, I bought more fabric, nothing looked good, and then I realized I was trying to put a cool color on the top portion and it just would not meld with the warm yellow background. Anyway I ended up finding a piece of the yellow background fabric and that seemed to look better than anything else I tried.

I received a $50.00 gift certificate from my daughter Tammy for my birthday from Equilter. That is a rather dangerous place. I ended up spending $150.00, oh well, it was fun. I got several spools of thread, for some reason I have become a thread junkie, just like shoes I just keep buying more! I also ordered several pieces of lush fabric, mostly batiks.

We had 10" of snow last week, a little early for winter, but it is warming up now, and supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. I was very worried about my granddaughter Melissa, she and a couple friends had left from Casper to go to Denver right before the storm, several of the roads were closed due to the weather and I knew she would be heading back to Casper. I finally called and she had just gotten home about 10 minutes before I called, what a relief.

JD played golf today and I did a few chores around the house and spent most of the rest of the day in my sewing room. I have gotten addicted to bridge on line, so I have been playing that on a daily basis as well.

Well back up to finish "Asian Wedding".

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joan's Musings My how time does fly, October already! At the same time even though several weeks have passed since my last post, it is wonderful that life is so full.

Delta Dawn is in DesMoines, Iowa at the AQS show, she was sent off on the 29th of September UPS, it cost nearly an arm and a leg, $36.00 for 2nd day air, and an additional $15.00 for a return receipt.

I spent several days/weeks on a new piece, "Sea Squirts". It has a twofold purpose. One for an entry in "Art Meets Science" (or something like that), an entry through SAQA, and my piece for the Whispering Challenge that my AQ group in Fort Collins is doing. The quilt is now with the current AQ Whisper participant, and the registration ,and digital photos is complete and sent to SAQA for jury. I wanted to have it professionally photographed but time did not allow for that, hopefully my photos are adequate.

I am just finishing a ten week on line photography class. It has been fun, and I have learned a lot, of course I started with almost no knowledge of photography.

I gave a class to my Glacier View Sewing Group on making mittens from recycled felted sweaters yesterday.

My AQ group is doing " A Bag a Month" challenge. I made one from a recycled sweater for the October meeting, and I think I will go work on another today.

I want to get back to my "Asian Wedding" quilt, but seems to lack the inspiration, it has been waiting a long time.