Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joan's Musings

Thursday, a good day, JD and I did some shopping for new counter top. We got an estimate from Home Depot and an estimate from Don's Custom Counter in Longmont, 711 1st Ave 303 772 5874. JD wants to apply 3000.00 to the cost. We can get a stilstone top for right around $3000.00, but of course it isn't the one we like the most. To get the one we really like it will cost $1700.00 more. We are thinking about it, I'm afraid if I don't go with the one we really like we will be sorry. $4700.00 is a lot for counter tops though. We had a nice day together, came home and had ham salad sandwiches for supper.

I will be going to the Mancuso Quilt show with three ladies from Ft.Collins, Janet Pugh, Maxine Carlson, and Landreth Hamil. I'm excited about that but I need to be in FC by 8:15--ugh.

By the way the estimate from Don's will cost about $700.00 more than Home Depot.

Didn't get to work on Delta Dawn today.

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