Friday, April 17, 2009

Delta Dawn

Joan's Musings

I continue to work on "Delta Dawn", it has been a long process and I will be glad when it is finished. I cut the binding today, it is a bias binding since the bottom of the wall hanging is uneven(curved). I have made all of the surreal figures over once again and I am happy with the way they have turned out. I also worked on the sun today, it is looking good.

We are having snow, snow snow, at least 3' this evening so far, and it is supposed to continue into tomorrow. We are unable to get out, our cars are nearly buried. JD went out to try moving snow with the 4 wheeler this morning with no luck, the snow is just too deep. Denver is supposed to have 76 degrees by Wednesday, that means in the middle 60's here, hopefully most of it will melt, if not we will have to hire someone with big equipment to come plow us out.

I will post a picture of "Delta Dawn" tomorrow.

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