Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joan's Musings

Wednesday evening already, I have had a busy week, Monday GV Quilters, evening RMCQ, Tuesday, a class with Dyesmithy in Fort Collins, today was Mtn Gals Spring Tea but I decided not to go, I did accomplish much here at home, stirred up a batch of Refrig Potato bread, a batch of molasas cookies, ironed pieces that have been hanging, waiting for quite some time, ironed a few pieces of the fabric I dyed in the class. I took my Delta Dawn for show and tell on Monday and Tuesday, it got a lot of attention. Tomorrow is bridge, and Friday we meet Sharon & Ken in FC to go to the movie "Angels & Demons", and then out for dinner, we are going to try "Sonny Lubicks Steak House" in downtown FC.

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